Sofia’s 1st Birthday!

Sofia turned one year old on June 23rd. We celebrated her birthday on Saturday the 21st. We had a nice backyard picnic with friends and family — family that came from as far away as Yuma, Arizona! The party theme was “ladybugs” as Sofia’s favorite book, throughout most of her one year, has been “10 Little Ladybugs.” I baked and decorated a ladybug birthday cake that turned out very well. Sofia thought it was scrumptious and frankly really didn’t care what it looked like so long as she got to eat some! She received wonderful gifts and enjoys them all very much. Thanks everybody!

The past year has flown by and we have enjoyed watching her grow and change. Every day brings us new surprises and exciting milestones. She took her first steps on Father’s Day. Check out the YouTube video: By her birthday she was walking short distances by herself. She is now completely mobile. She so wants to run, but just isn’t quite coordinated enough yet but no doubt, by next week we’ll be in big trouble!

Probably one of the best things that Sofia was able to do, as a result of turning one year old: her car seat can now face forward. We took a trip to Bend, OR for the 4th of July to see Dave’s family and she was much happier being able to see what was going on! The next year will undoubtedly sail by and will be filled with many more milestones and great pictures. We’ll keep you updated with both!


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  1. Emilie

    Wow! Nice job on the cake. That looks like a professional job. That’s so cool that she’s walking now. What a cutie!

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