Snow…in early October?

We received our first snow on Friday October 10th. Apparently, that is the earliest Boise has ever received a measureable amount of snow. The cool part was that it wasn’t just spittle snow; it was serious cotton ball-sized snow. Just looking at it out the French doors Sofia wasn’t too interested in it. But, when we put on her coat and headed outside so she could feel it on her hands and her face and experience the blinking sensation when it seems like the big fluffy flakes are going to land right in her eyes, well that was a whole different ballgame. She was not too sure if it was, well, safe. She was not crazy about standing by herself and being pummeled by snowflakes. But, once we went inside it was the greatest thing in the world and all she wanted to do was go back out. It’s going to blow her mind when real winter gets here and she can go roll around in the snow. Hopefully, we’ll have at least a few days of real snow….but just a few!


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